CUEvangelism 101 – Introduction

What is CUEvangelism (q-van-gel-ism)?

If evangelism is simply defined as the spreading of the gospel or the good news of Jesus Christ. Then, CUEvangelism is the spreading of good news about credit unions. Credit unions are not for profit, member owned, financial cooperatives that encourage individual saving, provide affordable loan products and access to credit as well as a host of other financial services. Credit unions are quite different than other financial institutions, not just in their governance structure, but in the philosophical value of “people helping people.”

History teaches us that Jesus was the most transformative person to have ever lived.  He sought out the poor, the wounded, the powerless, and the hopeless. He fed the hungry, healed the wounded, gave power to the powerless and inspired hope for the hopeless. He served his fellow man!

In a way, credit unions are on the same mission seeking out the unbanked and the underserved. Giving hope to families, credit unions continue to provide services to those who are in financial need.  Since the financial crisis of 2008, credit unions have stepped out of the financial services shadows and are actualizing the motto, “Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service!”  Credit unions are not your local churches, but they do want to financially transform lives.  They want your latter to be better than your former.  Credit unions want you to tell your financial story.  They want you to testify to your neighbors and to your friends the good news about financial institutions called credit unions.  The CUEvangelist is here to “Spread the Good News About CUs!”


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